Benjamin Restoration

Restoration paintings.
Specialist fine art restorers.
Professional framers.

Based in the New Forest, Benjamin and his team have been restoring fine art for museums, stately homes, and the wider public for over 30 years.

Our restoration covers oil
paintings on canvas and panels,
watercolours plus any gilding work.

We have been specialist restorers to museums, general public and the trade for 30 years.  From oils, watercolours and hand-carved or composition frames, including gold leafing, we are passionate about conservation and restoration.

We’ve used our expertise to restore artworks and precious objects.  We take the time and care to offer a one-to-one bespoke service in conservation and restoration for your work of art.

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Museums Association
Royal Museums Greenwich
The British Museum


Here are some examples of the fine art work restoration projects we undertake to restore to their former glory.

3 December 2021

Venice oil on canvas

A late 18th century oil painting of Venice.

This particular painting had been previously restored and lined.

After relining so the extensive damage was stabilized, it was then filled with gesso and retouched as required. Then finished with a semi mat varnish.

16 March 2020

LS Lowry sketch

This graphite sketch was the reverse of a life drawing by Lowry.  The previous framers had double mounted both sides, but unfortunately used a chemical based glue similar to UHU.

After carefully removing most of the mounts, it required a bath to soften and remove the glue.  The customer was particularly happy with finish as it looked untouched.

15 July 2019

1950’s litho of horses

The water staining was particularly bad, as water at some point had been running down the front of the paper work.

After stripping and treating for the acid staining, the results speak for themselves.


We were recommended by friend to contact Benjamin. Having never had a painting restored before we were a touch nervous.

But Ben put us at ease and invited us to visit his work shop, where he showed us works in process and did a light test clean infront of us.

We left our oil painting with him and the results were just amazing.

Mr D Spears